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i have noticed that my hair has gotten really frizzy lately.  at this stage of my loc process (1.5 years) I expected my hair to be fully matted.  Unfortantely, this has not been the case.  Maybe it’s my hair texture.  My hair is all sorts of textures.  I have straight, loose curls, and tight curls.  It’s just a hodgepodge of mess.  lol. 

What am I to do with it?  How do I prevent the frizzies?

So i did some research and here are some suggestions from various You Tubers.

1.  Queen Goddess suggest “pruning” your locs.  Pruning is basically cutting off the frizzies on top of the locs.   

2.  PrettiBoiShai suggest using a crochet needle to reduce frizziness. 

3.  Jsix4evr uses Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Hair Repair Creme to tame her frizzies.

4.  Farrenfox does a 2fingerrubbythingy method.  She explains it way better.  lol!

Some suggestion via the web:

1.  Wear satin scarves and use a satin pillow case when you go to bed. 

2. Nanni’s Natural suggests a method called Braiding Frizzies.  to do this method, you would loose hair and a loc.  Separate the loose hair in 2 sections.  Start braiding the 2 sections of loose hair and the loc together.  So you would have braid the 3 parts (loose hair section 1, loose hair section 2, and the actual loc) together.  

Something that has worked for me:

I have realized that braiding my hair reduces the frizzies.  So braid outs make my hair dreads look like dreads.  I use to cornrow my friends locs and he will swear to you that the cornrows loc’ed his hair.  I’m not sure of the science but frizz is reduced and your locs do look like mature locs (matted together sans frizz). 

Do you have any products or method that works for you?  Please share.

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